Shoreplan Engineering Limited was retained to complete technical components of a Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) for the Grand River Conservation Authority. The shoreline includes approximately 25 kilometres of the north shore of Lake Erie. It is dominated by bedrock headlands with crenulate bays and beaches.

The work included site reconnaissance, survey of typical shore profiles, geotechnical investigations, detailed assessment of deep water and nearshore wave climates and identification of littoral sub-cells and shoreline reaches. A total of seven sub-cells and thirty seven reaches were identified.

Regulatory Shoreline Standards were identified and mapped for each shoreline reach in accordance with draft Provincial Policy. Preferred SMP was developed for each shoreline reach, taking into account existing land uses. Several projects of regional benefit were identified in the study.

Shoreplan Engineering Limited is continuing its involvement with ongoing public education and consultation processes.

Shoreline Management Plan
Grand River Conservation Authority

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