An expansion of the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) necessitated filling in Lake Ontario and an estuary known as Jordan Harbour at the mouth of Twenty Mile Creek. Coastal components of a fish habitat compensation plan were designed by Shoreplan Engineering Limited.
The plan includes three offshore headlands to anchor gravel beaches and provide diversity to the estuary habitat types. Two of the headlands are designed to incorporate a vegetation cap. One headland is constructed of large oversized armour stone to allow for incorporation of large crevices and hollows into the structure. The beach pebble material size varies from 10 - 25 mm and 50 - 100 mm. The beaches are designed with a dynamically stable profile. The low depressed areas behind the two headlands are filled with soil and gravel mixture to support planting of emergent and submergent aquatic vegetation. Additional habitat features include log tangles, root wads and boulders scattered in the depressed areas and along the beach profiles.

Jordan Harbour Fish Habitat Compensation Plan
Jordan Harbour, Ontario

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